Our Company

Our Company

IIUM Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (Company No. 545961-X) was incorporated on 25th April, 2001 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Islamic University Malaysia. We strive to create wealth that benefits society as a whole. Thus, we envision that IIUM Holdings would be the company of first choice.

We are committed to the principle of Value Driven Organization that can meet the need of the present generation without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their own needs.

Our action is always guided by the needs to make business decisions that demonstrate economic, social and religious responsibilities.Through this value system, we integrate the economic, environmental and social aspects of our business to achieve sustained financial success, safeguard our environment and develop our reputation as partner and provider of first choice for all our stakeholders, customers and employees, those with whom we do business.

  1. Courage
  2. Disipline
  3. Trustworthy
  4. Loyalty
  5. Diligence

To be the leading University-Based Company Internationally.

  1. We pledge to offer excellent services and valuable to our customers by our strategic resources and expert areas. While venturing into hi-tech areas, we continue to uphold our Core Values and business ethics.
  2. As the business arm of the University, we are committed to promote and commercialize our expertise and products. While doing this, we will simultaneously inject and inculcate the culture of entrepreneurship in the community.
  3. In aiming for profitable returns for the Company, we also strive to meet our financial obligations to the University while at the same time, being attentive to our employee’s welfare and development.

Corporate Structure

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Management Team

These are the people who strive to ensure that the IIUM Holdings keeps on track.

Dato' Naharudin bin Ali

Group Chief Executive Officer

Email: nahar@iiumholdings.com.my
Phone: 03-6196 4331

Alias bin Abdul Majid

Group General Manager

Email: alias@iiumholdings.com.my
Phone: 03-6196 5989

Naaimah binti Ahmad Radzi

Group Internal Auditor

Email: naaimah@iium.edu.my
Phone: 03-6196 3307

Inong Putri binti Abdullah

Group Company Secretary

Email: inongputri@iiumholdings.com.my
Phone: 03-6196 4333

Nik Haizam binti Nik Jaafar

Group Legal Advisor

Email: haizam@iiumholdings.com.my
Phone: 03-6196 4336

Haszanizam Akmal bin Ridzwan

Human Resource Department

Email: haszanizam@iiumholdings.com.my
Phone: 03-6196 5443

Mohd Irwan bin Baharin

Finance Department

Email: irwan@iiumholdings.com.my
Phone: 03-6196 4169

Remedial Grievance Policy

This document shall be known as the Remedial Grievances Policy (“the Policy”). The Group acknowledged the importance of transparency and highest level of integrity to protect trust within the staff and the Directors within the Group as well as any parties dealing with the Group.

Any Disclosure received shall be given a proper treatment and any concerns raised in good faith shall be dealt accordingly to minimize if not eliminate any potential financial or non- financial risks to the Group.