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Visit by CEO UMT Jaya Holdings, Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Ramzi Mohamad Zubir

On January 29, 2024, IIUM Holdings received an esteemed guest, Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Ramzi Mohamad Zubir, CEO of UMT Jaya Holdings Sdn Bhd. This visit not only underscored the importance of mutual collaboration but also opened avenues for potential partnerships.

The meeting, hosted by IIUM Holdings, brought together key figures, including Dato’ Ahmad Nadzarudin, Group CEO of IIUM Holdings, En. Azizan bin Hamidon, Acting General Manager of Daya Bersih, En. Muhd Yusuf, Operation Manager of Daya Bersih, and En. Khairul Anuar, Facilities Manager of Daya Bersih Gombak.

The discussions during this visit centered around exploring collaborative opportunities and addressing shared interests. Both organizations expressed enthusiasm for future endeavors that could bring about positive outcomes.

This visit holds promise for the future, fostering a spirit of cooperation between IIUM Holdings and UMT Jaya Holdings Sdn Bhd. Stay tuned for exciting developments arising from this meeting of minds in the realms of business and industry.

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