IIUM Advanced Technologies

IIUM Advanced Technologies Sdn. Bhd.

While actively playing the role of being the University’s systems consolidator, IIUM Advanced Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (IAT) continues to grasp the vast opportunities inculcated within the Technology sector that emphasizes on 2 main drivers:

  1. ICT Services – systems integration, development, training and consultancies in Information Communications Technology; and
  2. Research Enterprise – research engineering products that undergo commercialization with approved license from the University

Research Enterprise - Going Beyond

IAT has initiated KrowdCap – a mobile application that serves as a crowd funding platform whereby researchers, scientists and innovators can advertise their projects and research to raise funds from the global community. This application has proven to be convenient as it enables project funding through various payment channels with minimal clicks.

Another ongoing project would be IAT’s MOTION-U program that provides assistance to start-ups in the country. IAT together with Kulliyah ICT and other collaborating experts from across kulliyahs have formed a board of advisory to provide guidance on the development of MOTION-U and future start-ups. For the beginning, MOTION-U is partnering Skolafund and WowKawKaw, two of IIUM award-winning start-ups to evangelize start-up culture in the university.

Besides being affiliated to the Chief Government Security Office and Cybersecurity Malaysia with the aim of strengthening info security education through training and consultancy modules, IAT has also established partnership with SAS and RapidMiner to venture into Big Data Analytics by initiating postgraduate courses in Analytics and Business Intelligence and Data Science consultancy.

The responsibility entrusted in physical and information security is essential for all organizations for sustenance of their business operations where these two crucial elements are considered as an integrated framework. Through smart partnership with the main industry lobby Persatuan Perkhidmatan Kawalan Keselamatan Malaysia (PPKKM), IAT is offering Industrial Security Professional Certification programme to potential clients within the government and private sectors, focusing on those operating within the Critical National Infrastructure domain.

The company continues to offer ISMS/ISO27001 consultancy, with focus on logistics and education sectors with the latest addition of two brand new clients.

IAT has advanced into systems development and integration, especially in web-based and mobility systems that goes beyond fulfillment and supply. They have recently developed a convenient system for International Islamic College (IIC) and IIUM Centre for Continuing Education (ICCE) entitled College Management System (CMS). Additionally, another two new systems have also been introduced which are i-ILM and i-Intern. The company visions to participate and be involved in more prospects that go beyond the grounds of IIUM markets, particularly in mobility systems and analytics.

Research commercialization is the core strategy that is suitable for immediate and long-term growth for a company. It is parallel with the government’s strategy of establishing Year 2016 as Malaysia Commercialization Year as mentioned during the budget presentation. Besides food products, cosmetics and feed stock, IAT has been efficiently reviewing new research products that may utilize Bromelain from the past year which now includes the first cheese products that is rennet-free.

After being awarded pre-commercialization grant under Agensi Inovasi Malaysia’s High Impact Challenge (HIP) in 2015 and given the responsibility to introduce Lard and Alcohol Detector Pen (LADPen) into the consumer market, IAT has produced their latest prototype in the form of a pen. This prototype will undergo reliability and consistency tests before getting the final approval.