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International Islamic College (IIC) taking root seventeen (17) years ago, which is owned by International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Holdings Sdn Bhd. serves as a gateway to knowledge and erudition.

Currently, the college is ‘home’ to 2,500 students studying for Foundation, Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor Degree programmes in its vibrant campus in the Batu Muda District of Kuala Lumpur. IIC is equipped with modern facilities and has qualified and dedicated workforce to ensure the delivery of quality education to its students. IIC embodies cultural diversity with its multi-cultural workforce and student population. The number of international intake is growing and in the spirit of openness in Islam, IIC has an increasing population of non-Muslim students, local and international alike.

IIC draws inspiration from IIUM’s vision and mission to become an educational institution concerned with comprehensive excellence which encompasses academic quality as well as spiritual piety. The primary objective is to educate and train young men and women to become excellent professionals so that they will be sufficiently equipped with Islamic knowledge and skills through carefully designed programs offered at this college.

In pursuit of this objective, we have made it mandatory that all IIC students, to attend co-curriculum programs comprising of Usrah, Ibadah Camp, motivation & leadership talks and others.

IIC has implemented Quality Management System and received ISO 9001:2008 certification since 2004. All of its academic programmes are accredited by Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA). In addition, IIC has been receiving ‘A’ grade from the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) since 2004. IIUM Higher Education Sdn.Bhd., the company that owns IIC was also awarded with ‘Best Employer for 2016’ from Employees Provident Fund (KWSP, Selangor).

Internationalization of higher education has become a priority of IIC. Therefore, IIC have developed multilateral partnership with Globe Via Technology Sdn Bhd, IIC counterpart from Saudi Arabia, Fajar Hidayah Foundation (Indonesia) and Al-Jamiyah Education Centre (Singapore) to franchise our academic programmes in the respective countries.

We believe that International academic collaboration as such will play an important role in the creation of joint projects in the area of education consultancy and professional development of teaching staffs as well as preparing IIC’s educational system to perform effectively in foreign environments.

Currently, IIC offers the following academic programmes;

  1. Foundation in Arts
  2. Certificate in English
  3. Certificate in Information Technology
  4. Certificate in Business Administration
  5. Certificate in Enforcement Management
  6. Certificate in Early Childhood Education
  7. Diploma in Accounting
  8. Diploma in Risk Management
  9. Diploma in Marketing Management
  10. Diploma in Business Administration
  11. Diploma in Enforcement Management
  12. Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance
  13. Diploma in Office Management & Secretaryship
  14. Diploma in Graphic Design
  15. Diploma in Creative Animation
  16. Diploma in Computer Science
  17. Diploma in Information Technology
  18. Diploma in Contemporary Islamic Sciences
  19. Diploma in Islamic Early Childhood Education
  20. Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship)
  21. Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
  22. BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies (International)

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IIC’s distinctive educational approach of interlinking the revealed and acquired knowledge gives students the much-needed educational grounding for them to be professionally competent and morally committed.

The rapid development of Halal industry in Malaysia has prompted IIC to introduce a new Diploma programme; Diploma in Halal Industry Management for 2017. This programme is focused towards producing skilled graduates with knowledge of Halal practice in different industries in Malaysia especially food service operation and management.

The aim of a business is to eventually expand to international markets and explore business opportunities in global marketplace. With that objective, comes the need to hire skilled business managers who understand business processes and problem from a global point of view. Resonating with the needs, IIC will introduce Diploma in International Trade in 2017 ideally for student who aspire to have a career in Multinational Corporations (MNCs) or in the field of international operations, marketing, global tourism, shipping, logistics and consultancy

As part of the continuing efforts of IIC to introduce more Bachelor Degree programmes to its graduates, IIC will offer Bach. Degree in Early Childhood Studies from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) in September 2017. UPSI is Malaysia’s leading public university and widely recognized for leadership in education.

Foundation Programme
Certificates Programme
Diploma Programmes
Collaborative Degree Programmes


To provide quality value-based educational programmes that provides opportunities for employment and further studies at the degree level.

To instill commitment to the principles and values of Islam as a din of mercy and moderation (wasatiyyah) as part of development for staff and students.

To be a highly profitable institution that is financially sustainable and capable of contributing significantly to IIUM as its ultimate stakeholder