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International Islamic College (IIC), owned by IIUM Holdings Sdn Bhd serves as a gateway to knowledge and cultivation.

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IIC Background

The International Islamic College (IIC) is one of the distinguished private higher education institutions in Malaysia. An affiliate college of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), IIC draws inspiration from IIUM’s vision and mission to become the preferred educational institution concerned with comprehensive excellence which encompasses academic quality as well as spiritual piety.

It aspires to educate young men and women to explore their full potentials and help them to achieve their dreams. With emphasis on inculcation of values in teaching and learning activities, the College envisages that its graduates would bring positive impact on the society through their contributions in various aspects of societal development.

IIC has grown significantly since its establishment in 2000. With more than 15,000 alumni, IIC is currently a ‘home’ to almost 4,000 students studying for Certificates, Foundation, Diplomas and Bachelor Degree programmes at its vibrant campus in Batu district of Kuala Lumpur.

IIC is privileged to be the only private institution of higher learning (PIHL) owned by IIUM, and proud to be the first PIHL with College status to run an Open Distance Learning Centre, approved by the Ministry of Education. Graduates’ quality is our priority to ensure marketability and technical readiness for the industry. Therefore, IIC is equipped with a complete state-of-the-art facilities and has employed qualified and well experienced lecturers to provide quality education to its students.

IIC also ensure it’s graduates to have a seamless transfer when furthering their studies in Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree programmes. IIC has forged successful articulation agreements with more than 50 renowned local and international universities to facilitate the transfer and recognize a broader array of credits.

In 2017, IIC was awarded MyQuest 5-Star rating in the International Students Readiness Cluster and 4-Star in the “large category” (enrolment number of more than 2000 students). Comprehensively, IIC manage to increase the ratings across all clusters with 4-Star rating.

IIC has also implemented a Quality Management System and migrated to ISO 9001:2015 Certification from SIRIM since 2017. All IIC’s academic programmes are accredited by the Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA) and received grade ‘A’ from the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) since 2004.

IIC’s distinctive educational methods of integrating the revealed and acquired knowledge has equipped the students with the much-needed educational grounding that trains them to be professionally competent and morally committed.

IIC’s diversity is visible through a multi-cultural workforce along with the enrolment of international students. Despite coming from diverse backgrounds, they are adaptable to the new surroundings, IIC also saw an increase in the participation of non-Muslim students, local and international alike.

IIC Objectives

To provide quality value-based educational programmes that provide opportunities for employment and further studies at the degree level.

To instil commitment to the principles and values of Islam as a ‘Deen’ of mercy and moderation (wasatiyyah) as part of the development for staffs and students.

To be highly profitable institution that is financially sustainable and capable of contributing significantly to IIUM as its ultimate stakeholder.

IIC Achievements

Obtained 5 stars rating from MyQuest on International student readiness and 4 stars rating for overall achievement.

Certified with ISO9001:2015 since 2004

100% accredited by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) for all academic programmes.

First private college offering Open Distance Learning (ODL) programmes since December 2018.

The only IPTS which includes Ibadah Camp and Usrah as credited course (3 Credit Hours) and graduation requirement.

IIC’s Diploma programmes demanded by offshore collaboration partners.

Strategic Partnership

Internationalisation of higher education has become a priority of IIC. Therefore, IIC has developed multilateral partnership with Globe Via Technology Sdn Bhd , IIC counterparts from Saudi Arabia, Fajar Hidayah Foundation (Indonesia) , Al-Misbah Academy (Singapore) and Al-Jamiyah Education Centre (Singapore) to offer our programmes in the respective countries.

We believe that international collaboration as such will play an important role in creating collaborative projects in the area of education consultancy and professional development of teaching staffs as well as preparing IIC’s educational system to perform effectively in foreign environments.

Programmes Offered at IIC


Foundation in Arts


Certificate in Business Administration

Certificate in English

Certificate Early Childhood Education

Diploma - ODL Mode

Diploma in Business Administration

Diploma in Islamic Early Childhood Education

Diploma in Information Technology

Diploma in Office Management

Diploma in Halal Industry Management

Diploma in Law


Diploma in Human Resources Management

Diploma in Business Administration

Diploma in Accounting

Diploma in Risk Management

Diploma in Marketing Management

Diploma in Enforcement Management

Diploma in Law

Diploma in International Business

Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance

Diploma in Office Management

Diploma in Graphic Design

Diploma in Creative Animation

Diploma in Computer Science

Diploma in Information Technology

Diploma in Interactive Technology

Diploma in Contemporary Islamic Science

Diploma in Islamic Early Childhood Education

Diploma in Halal Industry Management

Diploma in Al-Shari’ah Al-Islamiyyah

Diploma in Psychology

TVET Programmes Offered at IIC

Tahap 3

  1. SKM Pengasuhan dan Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak
  2. SKM Pengurusan Masjid
  3. SKM Operasi Pusat Jagaan Orang Tua

Tahap 4

  1. DKM Penyelia Pengasuhan dan Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak

Pensijilan Tunggal

  1. DKM Penyelia Pengasuhan dan Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak
  2. DKM Pengurusan Pentadbiran (Setiausaha Korporat Eksekutif)
  3. DKM Pengurusan Pentadbiran (Pejabat)
  4. DKM Pentadbiran Pengajaran dan Pendidikan Pra Sekolah
  5. DKM Pembangunan Kandungan Kreatif

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