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Age is No Barrier to Education

Age is No Barrier to Education

Gombak, 7 January 2023 – Mohd Sharizal Bin Zainal Abidin, 40, received his Diploma in Creative Animation and are among those who were celebrated at the IIC’s 14th convocation ceremony.

Mohd Shahrizal has proved that age is not an obstacle for him to pursue the knowledge and achieve his dreams. He noted that in order to be successful, one must not give up easily. He further elaborated that challenging himself to pursue his education while simultaneously working is what motivates him to further excel in his major.

He also noted that continuing his diploma at IIC is a second chance for him after having to abandon his desire to continue his studies for reasons that could not be avoided despite acquiring a spot at one of the public universities UiTM for his achievement in SPM. After several years of working as a clerk at the IIC, he then decided to pursue his study while working in efforts to continue his dream to succeed.

The father of three is also one of the outstanding students in his field and has collaborated with many production companies in the making of advertisements and other projects during his study at IIC. The opportunity given to him was never passed in vain and it was proven when he was crowned as an outstanding student in academics of Creative Animation at the convocation ceremony.

Mohd Shahrizal when interviewed mentioned that he is now one of the Head of Department at Sun Empire Film. Shahrizal is one of the IIC graduates who chose to study while working and opt for the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode. Most of the students who opt for the ODL mode have been in their respective industries for quite some time and they choose to further their studies for personal and career growth.

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