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Perception and Openness of Non-muslim Graduates Towards Learning in International Islamic College

Perception and Openness of Non-muslim Graduates Towards Learning in International Islamic College

Gombak, 7 January 2023 – International Islamic College (IIC) ‘s receptiveness in accepting diversity of different ethnicities and races as well as religion, especially from among the international students, have opened up space to non-Muslim students to pursue education at a higher level.

IIC is a college that is fully owned by IIUM Holding Sdn Bhd and started to establish itself in 2000. From the beginning of its establishment, IIC prided itself in producing almost 15,000 alumni to date. Currently, IIC is led by the Honorable Mr. Nik Mustapha Nik as the Chairman and Mr. Shaik Faridhudheen Anverdeen as Chief Executive Officer. Each of the IIC graduates managed to continue their studies at the higher level after graduating and from this amount, almost 60% of graduates have continued their studies at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) in various fields.

During the 14th graduation ceremony, several non-Muslims graduates were also celebrated. Among them is Haris A/L Anbarasan, 21 years old who is a Law Diploma graduate. According to Haris, every student who studies at IIC will receive the same treatment regardless of their background not only from the teaching staff but also from their classmates. The journey of studying at IIC has become a very valuable experience for him.

Echoing the same thought, 27 year old Vickneshkumar A/L Suberamaniam noted that to succeed, one should never let hopelessness overcome no matter the situation. According to the graduate of Information Technology, there were a few instances during his learning that he felt lost and dispirited, but he perseveres and continues his effort to finish what he started. Vickneshkumar who selected IIC for the cultural diversity and Islamic ambience in the campus also mentioned that every program offered in IIC has a notable and recognized qualification according to the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) program standards. IIC has grown to become among the best choices for students to continue their studies, Muslims and non-Muslims respectively.

Apart from Haris and Vickneshkumar, there were many other non-Muslims graduates who were honored at the convocation ceremony today. The diversity of culture proves that learning in IIC is not only limited to Malay students or Muslims only but it is open for all regardless of race and religion.

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