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IIUM Holdings Welcome New Group CEO, Dato' Ahmad Nadzarudin bin Abdul Razak

Morning Session

Group Internal Audit

Gombak, 8th January 2024 – IIUM Holdings Sdn Bhd, a strategic business arm of the International Islamic University Malaysia, proudly announces the appointment of Dato’ Ahmad Nadzarudin bin Abdul Razak as the new Group Chief Executive Officer. The welcoming ceremony, held on the 8th of January 2024, marked a significant moment in IIUM Holdings’ journey towards furthering its diversified business ventures.

The welcoming day for Dato’ Nadzarudin commenced with a comprehensive townhall meeting, bringing together the Board of Directors of IIUM Holdings, the Board of Directors of subsidiary companies, all CEOs of subsidiary companies, and the Corporate Head of IIUMH. This collaborative session set the stage for transparent communication and strategic alignment across the IIUM Holdings Group.

Subsequently, Dato’ Nadzarudin embarked on a visit to the diverse subsidiaries, including IIUM Educare, IIUM Consultancy and Innovation, IIUM Schools, and Daya Bersih. The purpose of this visit was to gain a firsthand understanding of the operations, connect with key stakeholders, and reinforce the collaborative spirit within the IIUM Holdings family.

The day was marked by a genuine sense of happiness, as the staff from all subsidiary companies warmly embraced the new Group CEO, reflecting the unity and positive ethos that define IIUM Holdings.

Dato’ Ahmad Nadzarudin bin Abdul Razak’s leadership comes at a time when IIUM Holdings is poised for continued growth and innovation. His extensive experience aligns with the Group’s commitment to excellence in various sectors.

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