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IIUM Holdings launches a new logo as it celebrates 20 Years Anniversary

IIUM Holdings logo

Kuala Lumpur, April 2021 – IIUM Holdings celebrates its 20th anniversary by launching its official logo, officiated by Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah, Minister of Communications and Multimedia.

The IIUM Holdings Group, where IIUM is the sole shareholder, comprises of 9 subsidiaries, namely IIUM Higher Education, IIUM Schools, IIUM Educare, IIUM Consultancy, IIUM Medical Specialist Centre, IKOP Pharma, Daya Bersih, IIUM Properties, and IIUM Advanced Technologies.

The Group started with a company called Gombak Educational & Cultural Development Sdn. Bhd. in 1998 before later changed its name to IIUM Schools. The University then saw the potential of business growth which led to its decision to form a new company known as IIUM Holdings Sdn. Bhd. in April 2001. The purpose of IIUM Holdings was to act as the business arm of IIUM, which was to oversee business diversification and opportunities. Hence, IIUM Holdings Group was born.

Throughout the 20 years, the Group has gone through several recessions. However , with steadfast leadership, dedicated management and committed workforce, the Group managed to navigate its way during the treacherous journey, where at times exercising conventional wisdom, while at other times, taking up the challenge. Either way, the Group evolved into a better version of itself.

For the past 20 years, the Group has paved its way and become successful in its own right. Among the successful stories :

  • IIUM Higher Education, through its college, International Islamic College is the first private college to offer Open Distance Learning (ODL)
  • IIUM Higher Education has established Pusat Bertauliah Kolej Islam Antarabangsa offering TVET programmes Level 3 and Level 4.
  • IIUM Schools was established in 1998 with 78 students, and now we have 2,230 students from 43 nationalities.
  • IIUM Educare now has 31 centres in Child Care and Kindergarten with inroads made into blue-chip companies like TNB, TM, MIDA, Malaysia Airports, Prasarana
  • IIUM Medical Specialist Centre offers the only Fertility Centre in the East Coast Region.

While previously all the logos were uniquely designed to reflect its own business entity, the new logo now uses the same excavator symbol as IIUM Holdings, as the key message driver of the business.

The symbolism of the logo is in the “excavator”, made up of the words IIUM, as it is deemed to excavate “gold’ in its endeavour moving forward. It symbolises the yearning and progressiveness of the organization. The words IIUM are also formed as arrows, pointing towards achieving the goals set by the Holdings as it goes global and beyond.

However, the most important feature of the new logo is the incorporation of the words “Member of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)”. It is stated at the bottom part of the logo and emphasises that we are a member of the prestigious IIUM and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the university.

This is a key driver as consumers can relate to the IIUM branding even better. This will then overall enhance the relationship that IIUM Holdings would have with the IIUM community.

The logo has been incorporated across all nine subsidiaries and will be used in all our marketing and branding campaigns including social media.

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