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DBSB Town Hall 2024

Ustaz Abd Razak Al Masri delivered a Tazkirah session titled “Melahirkan Semangat Juang Yang Tinggi Semasa Bekerja”

Gombak, January 12, 2024 – The DBSB Town Hall 2024 was held this morning at the Experimental Hall, IIUM Gombak Campus.

The event, organized by Daya Bersih HQ, aimed to strengthen team bonds and acknowledge outstanding achievements. En. Muhammad Amin Yasimin opened with a Doa recitation, followed by Ustaz Abd Razak Al Masri’s Tazkirah session on fostering high spirits at work.

En. Azizan Hamidon addressed the organization during the Town Hall session, which included a Q&A segment. The Staff Award ceremony for December 2023 recognized noteworthy contributions.

The event concluded with a luncheon, providing a space for networking. Live streaming was available for Kuantan, Gambang, and Pagoh campuses, ensuring inclusivity.

The DBSB Town Hall 2024 promoted unity, provided insights, and celebrated staff dedication, marking another milestone for Daya Bersih HQ.

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